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Stars of the Week 2018/19

Week ending:

Friday 9th November 2018

Nursery: Blake for trying hard all week in phonics with rhyming words

Reception: Harrison for being a kind and caring friend

Year one: Jack for making a skeleton accurately

Year two: Ellie for super answers about the body in Science

Year three: Tom for always demonstrating exceptional manners in class and around school

Year four: Amelia for demonstrating impressive reading and drama techniques during our work on playscripts

Year five: Ellis for showing kindness to his peers and being so sensible playing on the yard

Year six: Ella for her resilience in maths and determination to solve problems even when difficult


Friday 2nd November 2018

Nursery: Archie for always trying his best and being very sensible

Reception: Mia for trying very hard in all the activities this week especially her phonic work

Year one: Daniel for trying hard all week in all his lessons

Year two: Blake for being helpful in breakfast club and for helping other children with their handwriting

Year three: Lucas for impressing Mrs Sherwood with his sewing skills and speed when making poppies for Remembrance day

Year four: Bella for fantastic answers during our lesson on the Life Education bus

Year five: Bessie for reading daily every week with great expression

Year six: Hattie, Ella and Ruby for producing a powerpoint for Worship based on our Christian values


Friday 19th October 2018

Nursery: Carter for playing well outside and being kind to his friends

Reception: Maddison for learning the letter sounds so well

Year one: Joshua for super 'taking away'

Year two: Kendall for subtracting two 3-digit numbers

Year three: Lucas for showing resilience in P.E. and dedication to developing his skills

Year four: Michael for excellent aim and overarm throwing in P.E.

Year five: Logan for an excellent effort in all areas of the curriculum

Year six: Noah for fantastic research in art history and about pioneering scientists


Friday 12th October 2018

Nursery: Jacob for trying so hard to join in all the activities and listen carefully

Reception: Louis for trying really hard all week and sitting so well at listening time

Year one: Samuel for showing a sensible and mature attitude in all his lessons

Year two: Blake for trying hard adding and taking away two 2-digit numbers

Year three: Tom for working hard at times tables club and passing his 'Batman' test

Year four: Finley for being organised all week and bringing everything he needs to school

Year five: Sophie for some imaginative writing in English

Year six: Maya for always being happy to help others when they need it


Friday 5th October 2018

Nursery: Anna for playing so well with her new friends

Reception: Ollie for looking after Abe and helping him to settle into Nursery

Year one: Tyler for being enthusiastic when learning his number bonds to 10 with the 'Baby Shark' tune

Year two: Noah for brilliant writing, reading AND Maths work as well as a fantastic portrait of Katie Morag

Year three: Ellis for always being ready for every lesson and showing excellent eye contact and listening skills

Year four: Liam for a fantastic attitude towards his Maths work and making brilliant progress

Year five: Eva for super organisation and diligent working

Year six: Arwen for trying so hard in Maths even when she finds it 'tricky'


Friday 28th September 2018

Nursery: Poppy for always coming into school with a beaming smile

Reception: Sam for super effort in phonics

Year one: Joshua for working independently when measuring with a ruler

Year two: Mikey for showing perseverance in reading the prayer at Church

Year three: Poppy for being enthusiastic about her writing tasks this week and showing her best presentation

Year four: Logan for putting 100% effort into all of his Literacy work and making super progress

Year five: Joshua for trying really hard with his spellings achieving full marks

Year six: Deacon for a very mature approach to his work and organisation


Friday 21st September 2018

Nursery: Grace for settling back into Nursery really well and helping her cousin make friends too

Reception: Matthew for trying really hard all week and setting a good example to the other children

Year one: Jack for excellent 'sounding out' and 'blending' in phonics. Also for reading his school book every night.

Year two: Noah for amazing art work in the style of Vincent van Gogh - A painting of 'A Starry Night'

Year three: Alexandra for settling in so well at Dalton School and for being a pleasure to have in class

Year four: Daisy for being such a lovely, kind and helpful friend to our new class member

Year five: Kylan for working so enthusiastically in a sensible manner with lovely presentation in his work

Year six: Ruby for her fantastic entry into the Royal Society of Biology photography competition


Friday 14th September 2018

Nursery: Abe for settling in really well to Dalton Nursery

Reception: Sam for trying really hard with his new picture books

Year one: Daniel for lots of effort to write independently

Year two: Toby for trying hard with rounding to the nearest 10

Year three: James for being so enthusiastic about our story 'Survivors'

Year four: Oliver for some excellent observations and comments during our electricity experiments

Year five: Ellis for beautifully presented work consistently

Year six: Bethany for a brilliant 'Big Write' story about 'Spy Fox'


Friday 7th September 2018

Nursery: Mia for starting full days in Nursery so well.

Reception: Daisy and Samuel for joining in all the activities and making friends during their first week at school

Year one: Samuel for trying hard with writing this week

Year two: Lilia for a brilliant painting in the style of Monet

Year three: Theo for being so enthusiastic about our new class novel

Year four: Amara for setting a brilliant example for the new year three children

Year five: Toby for wonderfully neat presentation of his work

Year six: Alexia for being organised and working hard