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Dalton St Michael's CE Primary School

Class one 2021

Spring term 

This term the children are learning about different animal habitats.

week 1 & 2 we will be focusing on Polar Regions. 

week 3 -  Woodland animals  

week 4 -  Jungle animals 

week 5 -  Under the sea

week 6 -  Desert and Savannas.


In Class one there are currently twelve Reception children and thirteen Year one children.

We have a number of adults who work with us:

Mrs Liversidge, Miss Britton, Mrs Sherwood, Miss Singleton, Mrs Monks and Mrs Pearce.

James is very proud of his Jurassic world that he created with Duplo. 

Poppy Day 

Weekly Yoga 

Each week the children take part in a 30 minute Yoga session. The children have lots of fun learning new yoga positions and team building.

Below is a slideshow of the children in action.  

Our post office role play area. Paddington bear letters.

Practising number formation


Two very cheeky and naughty Elves came to our school this week! The children had no idea this was happening and it was such an amazing surprise for them.

The Elves in action...

We have been very busy the past 2 weeks learning about Polar regions. see below our amazing work displayed in class! 


The Arctic


Today we made Polar bear pictures. Firstly the children mixed white and purple paint to make different shades of purple for the background. Whist waiting for their painting to dry the children used their amazing cutting skills to cut out a Polar bear template and stuck it together, they also added some small white snow drops to their painting for the finishing touch. 

Take a look at the Gallery below. 

12/01/2021 - Numeracy - Addition

The Reception children used a double dice popper to create number sentences. We did one together first as a group then they worked independently to create more addition number sentences on their boards. They did an amazing job take a look in the gallery below. 

(12/01/2021) Elsie-Mae and Theo chose to make a Penguin using the multi-Link

Salt Dough Polar Bear Faces

The children enjoyed getting messy making some salt dough, we followed the recipe and the method together as a group. 

We measured:

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of salt 

1/2 cup of water  

We  mixed it all together then we had to knead the dough before we could roll it out. 

once the dough was nice and soft we rolled it out and used 2 different sized cutters to create a face and a nose for our Polar bear. 

We are currently waiting for them to dry then we will be painting them and adding some googly eyes. 

Check back soon to see our finished Polar bear. 

We all enjoyed a hot chocolate and a bagel to warm us up after a little play in the snow.

Making penguins

The children followed instructions independently to complete their own little penguin. 

They checked the 'what I need list' then gathered resources to make it. 

I love how unique they all are. 

Penguin scene

The children have been experimenting mixing colours to create a cold background for a penguin scene. They really enjoyed doing this. once their painting had dried they used their cutting skills to cut out some penguins to stick on to their painting. 

Animal Tracks 

Whilst exploring outside we found some animal tracks. We tried to work out which animal we thought had made the prints in the snow. 

Understanding the world - Sensory play

Literacy                             January 2021

The children in Reception have been learning about adjectives. They have been finding describing words in our story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers. They have also completed activity sheets based on adjectives. Could you ask your children if they can remember what an adjective is and also give them a sentence for them to identify the adjective. 

Year one have been looking at different similes. Could you ask your child if they can tell you a simile that they have learned. 


The children are currently learning about weight and measurement. 

They have been using scales to weigh different objects and using rulers to measure different lengths. 

The girls worked together to order numbers 1-20!

Christmas 2020

Class 1

Silent Movie Nativity Performance 

We hope you enjoy watching our performance as much as we did creating it...

Silent Nativity 

We have taken a second recording of our Nativity as some of our children were absent for the first take. Everybody was in school this week so we have managed a second shot! We think the children are amazing.

We hope you enjoy the show! 

Snap shots of our Nativity

 Previous infant teachers from Dalton school.


Mrs Sherwood has been talking to two of Dalton school's previous infant teachers. She asked if they had some spare time could they watch our Silent Nativity, they did and these are the lovely comments they made.


Mrs A. Gimson said, WOW! The Nativity is brilliant, what a great idea!    I especially like the two casual animals and the star who can do the splits. I watched the Elves too don't think I've ever seen/heard such excited children! They are so lucky to have you all.  


Mrs R. Simm said, Oh my goodness that was brilliant. You deserve medals for a new look Nativity, well done everyone. I loved the star waiting patiently at the back and the cud chewing cow.  I am glad you did a Nativity, it must have been difficult at this time, but it shows how important keeping our traditions going not just for the children but for the whole community. I feel proud of having been involved in such a strong, loving school. 


A letter from Father Christmas!

This week the children received a letter all the way from the North Pole! 

Father Christmas also sent a special video for us to watch! 

The children were so excited and couldn't wait to hear what Father Christmas had to say to us!