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Stars of the Week 2019/20

Week ending:

Friday 6th December 2019

Nursery: Amelia for always being super a tidying up and having a brilliant week with her friends

Reception: Grace for working hard on the i-pads using Paint on Purple Mash to paint herself

Year one: Sam for working hard on the i-pads using Paint on Purple Mash to paint himself

Year two: Jack tring so hard in Phonics all week with Mrs Sherwood

Year three: Kendall for good observational skills when watching the 'Exciteable Edgar' video in English

Year four: James for researching the conutires in the 'Prime Merdian'

Year five: Liam for great work in maths and showing understanging of square numbers

Year six: Sophie for brilliant geographical work on the Bristish Isles and the counties within


Week ending:

Friday 29th November 2019

Nursery: Arabella for always using her manners

Reception: Abe for working so well in P.E. and Dance

Year one: Matthew for working hard learning about the value of coins

Year two: Tyler a clear, loud voice during play rehearsals

Year three: Laila for working so hard with Mrs Flaherty in Maths

Year four: Stan for trying hard when learning about longitude and latitude

Year five: Oliver for super reading every day which is impacting on his written work

Year six: Oliver for a consistent approach to his work and his presentation



Week ending:

Friday 22nd November 2019

Nursery: Teddy for gaining lots of confidence in talking to his friends and other adults

Reception: Blake for lovely work using coins in the 'shop'

Year one: Reuben for amazing progress with his reading

Year two: Joshua for brilliant description of Gulliver

Year three: Toby for super comprehension skills when reading 

Year four: Poppy for trying hard with multiplying with a grid method

Year five: Amelia for brilliant research in English

Year six: Logan for working with great focus so completing all tasks set

Week ending:

Friday 15th November 2019

Nursery: Nancy for settling so well into Dalton Nursery on her first week

Reception: Archie for being a very good friend

Year one: Archie for 'sounding out' words carefully in his reading and his writing

Year two: Samuel for being a pleasure to teach and always giving 100% in lessons

Year three: Isaac for his enthusiasm during Maths week

Year four: Ellis for lots of thought during Maths week activities

Year five: Finley for being so polite and well-mannered and Liam for excellent work in P.E.

Year five and six: Bessie, Ellis, Daisy, Finley for thier excellent work relating to their visit to the Food Bank

Week ending:

Friday 8th November 2019

Nursery: Harry for trying so hard in Phonics

Reception: Esmae for working so hard with her numbers and being so helpful

Year one: Charlie participating and answering questions in all lessons

Year two: Tyler for being helpful in class and trying hard all week

Year three: Reuben for settling  in so well to Dalton School

Year four: Stan for a good Remembrance picture

Year five: Oliver for working hard with mental arithmetic strategies

Year six: Toby for great ' using and applying' skills in mental arithmetic


Week ending:

Friday 1st November 2019

Nursery: Elsie-Mae for settling so well into her new Nursery

Reception: Jacob for recognising the letter sounds 'a' and 't'

Year one: Sam for brilliant reading all week at school and at home

Year two: Jack for super 2D shape work

Year three: Lilia for trying hard with perimeter work in Maths

Year four: Alexandra for super progress with her times tables

Year five: Daisy for brilliant comprehension answers to questions in English

Year six: Kylan for wonderful presentation with consistency

Week ending:

Friday 18th October 2019

Nursery: Hayden for always getting involved in all activities and trying his best

Reception: Theo for beautiful drawings of the vegetables we put in our vegetable soup

Year one: Ollie for brilliant work identifying some numbers

Year two: Joshua for trying hard to write independently

Year three: Mikey for trying hard with column subtraction

Year four: James for being so knowledgeable in Science

Year five: Bella for improved listening skills and following a set of instructions

Year six: Joshua for great imaginative writing in Myths and Legends

Week ending:

Friday 11th October 2019

Nursery: James for having such a super imagination when using playdoh

Reception: Ellie for really enjoying making honey biscuits with her friends

Year one: Harrison for fantastic writing about making honey biscuits

Year two: Daniel for trying hard all week

Year three: Leighton for showing good striking skills in P.E.

Year four: Ellis for trying hard with column addition questions

Year five: Alana for a brilliant effort in class working on her reading and writing

Year six: Logan for trying hard in all lessons

Week ending:

Friday 4th October 2019

Nursery: Ben for retelling the 'We're Going on A Bear Hunt' story to other children all by himself!

Reception: Jacob for building a penguin out of bricks following a picture

Year one: Louis for paying attention to detail with his Drawing, Reading and Maths this week

Year two: Joshua for trying hard in Maths all week with doubling and number bonds to 10

Year three: Noah for enthusiasm shown with Purple Mash

Year four: Lucas for being so helpful around class with everyone all week

Year five: Liam for super independent work

Year six: Oliver for such improved focus and concentration in class

Week ending:

Friday 27th September 2019

Nursery: Archie for super listening at story time

Reception: Poppy for demonstrating such good listening skills

Year one: Mia for fantastic sketching of a zebra in her art work

Year two: Tyler for trying hard when writing his 'Man on the Moon' story

Year three: Blake for lots of effort partitioning numbers different ways

Year four: Stan for trying really hard with his handwriting

Year five: Logan for working hard in Maths solving Place Value problems

Year six: Eva for great focus in lessons and being consistent with a mature approach to her learning

Week ending:

Friday 20th September 2019

Nursery: Esmai for sitting beautifully on the carpet at story time

Reception: Carter for telling his friends that 'the owl is a nocturnal animal and it comes out at night'

Year one: Enzo for being really helpful making the Infant class stained glass window

Year two: Jack for lots of effort at home with reading and spelling

Year three: Ellie for trying hard using apostrophes for possession

Year four: Poppy for brilliant description of her alien

Year five: Amara for working really hard and not allowing herself to be distracted

Year six: Bessie for excellent behaviour and superb mannners


Week ending:

Friday 13th September 2019

Nursery: Noah for being very helpful and tidying up the toys on the playground

Reception: Dominic for amazing work with phonics

Year one: Maddison for working really hard with her writing this week

Year two: Daniel for using super adverbs

Year three: Kendall for using 'fronted adverbials' in her work

Year four: Alexandra for trying hard finding 10 more and 10 less from 3 digit numbers

Year five: Amelia for trying so hard with her maths and completing her homework all by herself

Year six: Ellis for listening carefully in class and answering lots of questions

Week ending:

Friday 6th September 2019

Nursery: Arabella for drawing an amazing picture of herself in her busy book

Reception: Mia for listening so carefully and follwing instructions in art work

Year one: Aaron for always showing he is ready to listen and learn

Year two: Samuel for super 'Place Value' work

Year three: Toby for a great prediction to what happens next in our class story

Year four: Lucas for giving 100% all week

Year five: Finley for exemplary behaviour and wonderful manners

Year six: Sophie for a wonderful start to the new term and trying so hard in all lessons

Stars of the Week 2018/19

Week ending:

Friday 12th July 2019

Nursery: Ben for trying his best all week especially with sharing the toys

Reception: Daisy for always setting a super example to the other children

Year one: Daniel for beautfiul writing about his school year memories

Year two: Laila for lots of effort during the lessons with Mr Schofield

Year three: Ellis for a super long jump effort

Year four: Joel for brilliiant acting in the play

Year five: Joshua for a brilliant performance in the play

Year six: Ella for a brilliant performance in the play and supporting others

Friday 5th July 2019

Nursery: Poppy for amazing cutting skills when cutting out shapes

Reception: Mia for taking her time with her 'Mondrian' inspired art work

Year one: Tyler for writing tricky words in phonics

Year two: Blake for brilliant times tables work and always persevering

Year three: Ellis for excellent answers during our class novel

Year four: Joel for fantastic World War II artwork

Year five: Logan for learning all his lines for the play

Year six: Maya for being a narrator in the play as well as the role of Etta

Week ending:

Friday 28th June 2019

Nursery: Abe for settling so well into the routines at lunchtime ready for Reception

Reception: Aaron for writing in a full sentence independently

Year one: Joshua for helping to tidy up the building blocks so carefully

Year two: Toby for brilliant listening and acting during our play rehearsal

Year three: James for brilliant swimming

Year four: Bella for lots of perseverance on times table Tuesday

Year five: Kylan for his clear Borwick Hall report

Year six: Lexie for participating in the triathlon

Week ending:

Friday 21st June 2019

Nursery: Theo for using his imagination and making balancing beams out of blocks

Reception: Maddison for a super painting about London

Year one: Samuel for brilliant writing about landmarks in London

Year two: Ellie for a brilliant letter to Mum in the story of 'Friend or Foe'

Year three: Alexandra for a brilliant letter to Mum in the story 'Friend or Foe'

Year four: Logan for an excellent effort in his times tables

Year five: Sophie for a beautiful piece of descriptive writing

Year six: Caitlen for a beautiful piece of descriptive writing

Friday 14th June 2019

Nursery: Esmae for being so sensible and brave at school with her broken arm

Reception: Louis for making arrays and patterns in maths

Year one: Daniel for writing clear instructions for making a fruit salad

Year two: Toby for giving good answers in Road Safety

Year four: Alana for good subtraction work in maths

Year four: Liam for showing perseverance in Scooting

Year five and Year six: for being cooperative, helpful and showing a mature attitude

Friday 7th June 2019

Nursery: Anna for being such a good friend to Anna and Blake

Reception: Enzo for trying hard all week and knowing where in the world some animals live

Year one: Daniel for super writing about landmarks in our community

Year two: Ellie for super knowledge about World War II

Year three: Ellis for fantastic description of Mr Reynolds in our story

Year four: Logan for a brilliant diary entry as David from 'Friend or Foe'

Year five: Ellis for his bravery with his arm

Year six: Arwen for a great effort in calculating the mean average

Week ending:

Friday 24th May 2019

Nursery: Blake for always sitting so beautifully and ready to listen

Reception: Ollie for listening so well and working hard

Year one: Jack for working hard in P.E.

All of Year two: for lots of effort completing their special work

Year three: Alexandra for brilliant times tables practice scores

Year four: Amelia for fantastic reading

Year five: Eva for planning and the delivery of a super Collective Worship along with year five and year six

Year six: Maya for planning and the delivery of a super Collective Worship along with year five and year six


Week ending:

Friday 17th May 2019

Nursery: Thomas for sitting so beautifully whilst painting a picture of Barry the fish

Reception: Maddison for writing lovely sentences about our Baptism at Church

Year one: Samuel for completing the 'Super Challenge' doubling and halving numbers

Year two: Toby for his enthusiasm during the dance routine

Year three: Stan for settling into Dalton school so well

Year four: Finley for being such a great help around the classroom without even being asked

Year five: Kylan for a brilliant effort with his maths and lovely presentation too!

All of Year six:  for a brilliant effort with SATs - Mrs Britton is very proud of you!

Week ending:

Friday 10th May 2019

Nursery: Carter for beautiful colouring for our display and taking pride in his work

Reception: Matthew for choosing sensible activities to complete during continuous provision

Year one: Samuel for amazing writing about 'Billy's Bucket'

Year two: Kendall for passing the Batman test and knowing her 2's, 5's and 10's times tables

Year three: Lucas for passing the Ironman times tables test and being to multiply a two digit number

Year four: Liam for super addition this week

Year five: Logan for excellent setting out of his maths work

Year six: Ruby for a brilliant mobile phone cover of a fox

Friday 26th April 2019

Nursery: Esmae for singing so beautifully

Reception: Matthew for writing so well independently

Year one: Daniel for beautiful sustained writing about the Rainbow Fish

Year two: Toby M for trying hard 'finding the difference' in Maths

Year three: Ellis for brilliant swimming

Year four: Michael for being kind to the welfare staff at lunch-time

Year five: Eva for brilliant help and support with her peers

Year six: Arwen for a fantastic effort with SATs revision


Week ending:

Friday 5th April 2019

Nursery: James, Ben and Hayden for settling very well into Dalton Nursery

Reception: Harrison for brilliant writing all by himself

Year one: Jack for amazing writing about the chocolate nests

Year two: Leighton for lots of effort in 'slow writing' lessons

All the children in year three and year four:  for making Miss Dowling's last day before Maternity leave so special

Year five: Sophie for a lovely Easter poem

All the children in year six: for great revision and Booster work

Week ending:

Friday 29th March 2019

Nursery: Jacob for trying hard all week and doing some amazing early writing

Reception: Aaron for recognising some key words in different books as well as learning about o'clock

Year one: Joshua for amazing answers about being an astronaut and space

Year two: Kendall for approaching all her work in her new class with a really mature and hard-working attitude

Year three: Theo for showing such enthusiasm towards all his work and setting a great example for year two

Year four: Logan for excellent vocabulary choices during her 'slow write' to describe a place

Year five: Eva for a great effort problem solving her circuit design, alongside Maya, to make it work

Year six: Ella for always persevering and being so committed to her own self-improvement

Week ending:

Friday 22nd March 2019

Nursery: Blake for sorting all the 3D shapes and helping to arrange them on the shelves

Reception: Daisy for super writing about space

Year one: Tyler for trying hard in Phonics and remembering how to turn words that end in 'y' into the past tense

Year two: Blake for lots of effort in his Maths assessments and showing good subject knowledge

Year three: Poppy for making amazing progress with her handwriting and presentation across the curriculum

Year four: Daisy for being so lovely and kind towards the younger children in school

Year five: Bessie for a fantastic game designed and made as part of a Science project on circuits

Year six: Caitlen for a beautiful thoughtful poem based on 'Little Freak'

Week ending:

Friday 15th March 2019

Nursery: Dominic for using a knife and fork properly and eating all his dinner

Reception: Louis for adding two numbers and writing a number sentence

Year one: Joshua for trying hard to write a diary entry by himself

Year two: Mikey for a super piece of drama acting out 'A Cloudy Lesson'

Year three: Lucas for being a kind and helpful friend at swimming

Year four: Liam for demonstrating excellent manners and enthusiasm all week

Year five: Ellis for helping another child with class work

Year six: Deacon and Noah for helping other children in class and being kind to everyone

Week ending:

Friday 8th March 2019

Nursery: Mia for trying so hard in phonics and doing so well

Reception: Aaron for amazing phonics work and trying his best all week

Year one: Daniel for brilliant reading and moving onto the purple book band

Year two: Mikey for brilliant counting in 2, 5 and 10

Year three: James for making brilliant progress with his writing and making his teachers very proud!

Year four: Finley and Amara for producing some impressive writing during our 'slow write' lesson about the Demon Dentist

Year five: Oliver for probability problem solving in Maths

Year six: Maya for great work in PSHE about friendship

Week ending:

Friday 1st March 2019

Nursery: Grace for being a super help at 'tidy up' time

Reception: Charlie for being a kind and caring friend all the time

Year one: Samuel for an even greater improvement in his attitude towards his work and being so focused

Year two: Ellie for answering lots of questions and sharing her knowledge of healthy eating in Science

Year three: Tom for his hard work and perseverance when learning about fractions and decimals

Year four: Bella for a really impressive result on her times tables speed test

Year five: Joshua for creating good descriptive phrases in English

Year six: Caitlen for a positive attitude in Maths

Week ending:

Friday 15th February 2019

Nursery: Poppy for a beautiful pastel picture of a daffodil

Reception: Sam for an amazing painting of two daffodils

Year one: Daniel for brilliant measuring skills in Maths

Year two: Toby for writing an amazing acrostic poem

Year three: Lucas for his phenomenal effort towards hos Superheroes Times Tables

Year four: Amara for demonstrating impressive den building skills during our last outdoor adventurous activity session

Year five: Logan for a brilliant Scratch 'boat race' project

Year six: Lexie for great effort practising times tables and passing 'Hawk Girl'


Week ending:

Friday 8th February 2019

Nursery: Anna for super threading using the buttons and laces

Reception: Matthew for working extra hard in phonics and reading at home as well as at school

Year one: Joshua for an excellent attitude towards his learning

Year two: Isaac for persevering during maths with division

Year three: Lucas for putting 100% effort into his Science work when learning about different vertebrates

Year four: Liam for trying new things this week and making his whole class very proud

Year five: Toby for a brilliant recount of the start of the Titanium video

Year six: Noah for brilliant description of Francis Brandwine's fear


Friday 1st February 2019

Nursery: Archie for being able to recall the term 'alliteration' after his phonic work

Reception: Louis for brilliant work in Maths 'taking away' from 10

Year one: Jack for working really hard in phonics with Phase 3 sounds and high frequency words

Year two: Lilia for working super hard learning her times tables

Year three: Ellis for persevering with a task before asking for help which set an excellent example to our class

Year four: Amelia for recognising the word 'heard' was a homophone and using our Literacy display to help to spell it accurately

Year five: Kylan for working quietly and consistently in every lesson

Year six: Deacon for always demonstrating excellent manners and politeness


Friday 25th January 2019

Nursery: Jacob for his amazing fireman picture

Reception: Ollie for trying really hard with his phonics all week

Year one: Samuel for trying so hard with his spellings at home

Year two: Ellie for creative movement in P.E.

Year three: Poppy for moving to a new place in class and working independently with great concentration and hard work

Year four: Logan for asking interesting questions about David Attenborough and the Dynasties series we have watched in our class

Year five: Bessie for brilliant knowledge of extra times tables

Year six: Hattie for a great score in her maths assessments


Friday 18th January 2019

Nursery: Theo for remembering all the 3D shapes we have learned

Reception: Louis for always setting such a good example in class

Year one: Tyler for a wonderful painting of a flower in the style of Van Gogh

Year two: Laila for a fantastic story about 'Sponge Bob' in writing

Year three: Alexandra for superb reading

Year four: Daisy for brilliant responses in the Dream Giver video

Year five: Sophie for an improved attitude in class working with much more focus

Year six: Arwen for brilliant participation in netball and

                Lexie for her improved determination to succeed


Friday 11th January 2019

Nursery: Anna for trying so hard in everything she does

Reception: Daisy for super phonics work and helping around the classroom

Year one: Joshua for brilliant answers in Science

Year two: Toby for writing a super story opener

Year three: James for demonstrating excellent directional skills and knowing the compass points

Year four: Oliver for spending time with Ellis in after-school club to learn about measuring angles

Year five: Eva for great service to school in organising playground games and

                  Joshua for being a supportive friend in P.E. working with Beth

Year six: Maya for great service to school in organising playground games


Friday 14th December 2018

Nursery: Carter for being very sensible during all of our Nativity rehearsals

Reception: Daisy for remembering all of the song words in the Nativity

Year one: Daniel for reading every night and for filling in his book reviews with lovely pictures

Year two: Kendall for brilliant inference skills when watching the Christmas advert

Year three: James for working so hard and demonstrating determination during our winter tidy despite the cold weather

Year four: Michael for working so hard with Mrs Holmes to learn his times tables and making fantastic progress

Year five: Sophie for helping Toby with his work and cheering him up on the playground

Year six: Deacon for trying so hard with his maths work


Friday 7th December 2018

Nursery: Ellie for recognizing the number 10 and trying really hard in number work

Reception: Sam for always sharing the toys and being a kind friend

Year one: Jack for naming the different 3D shapes

Year two: Isaac for setting a perfect example on the Hope Journey trip

Year three: Theo for writing a super thank you letter to the Roman museum after a wonderful trip

Year four: Joel for helping his friends this week when they needed him

Year five: Eva for always being helpful to staff

Year six: Noah for producing reports of his own on World War 2 and his trip to NASA


Friday 30th November 2018

Nursery: Grace for trying hard with numbers 1 - 10

Reception: Enzo for reading his school book every night at home

Year one: Tyler for brilliant behavior when practicing the Nativity at Church

Year two: Laila for trying so hard when learning about Time in Maths

Year three: Ellis for consistently setting a fantastic example of behaviour in class

Year four: Amara for writing a really impressive story about the Celts which she proudly shared with the class

Year five: Toby for consistently learning his spellings and transferring them to his written work

Year six: Bethany for her imaginative and descriptive written work


Friday 23rd November 2018

Nursery: Theo for trying hard with every activity all week

Reception: Sam H for brilliant number work

Year one: Samuel for brilliant subtraction skills when giving change

Year two: Leighton for trying hard to improve his story

Year four: Logan for working hard at home to write his own Roman inspired story and

                   Liam for demonstrating exceptional manners to all staff at school

Year five: Bessie for being a really appreciative person who is always happy to support her classmates

Year six: Alexia for trying really hard with all her homework


Friday 16th November 2018

Nursery: Holly for trying very hard and remembering to use her PECs book

Reception: Charlie for working so hard blending words in his reading

Year one: Tyler for fantastic answers in R.E.

Year two: Toby M for a brilliant story about Bernard losing his arm

Year three: Ellis for writing a brilliant playscript about a young Roman soldier

Year four: Amara for super research about Julius Caesar

Year five: Oliver for a huge improvement in his application to his school work

Year six: Ruby for being such a conscientious worker


Friday 9th November 2018

Nursery: Blake for trying hard all week in phonics with rhyming words

Reception: Harrison for being a kind and caring friend

Year one: Jack for making a skeleton accurately

Year two: Ellie for super answers about the body in Science

Year three: Tom for always demonstrating exceptional manners in class and around school

Year four: Amelia for demonstrating impressive reading and drama techniques during our work on playscripts

Year five: Ellis for showing kindness to his peers and being so sensible playing on the yard

Year six: Ella for her resilience in maths and determination to solve problems even when difficult


Friday 2nd November 2018

Nursery: Archie for always trying his best and being very sensible

Reception: Mia for trying very hard in all the activities this week especially her phonic work

Year one: Daniel for trying hard all week in all his lessons

Year two: Blake for being helpful in breakfast club and for helping other children with their handwriting

Year three: Lucas for impressing Mrs Sherwood with his sewing skills and speed when making poppies for Remembrance day

Year four: Bella for fantastic answers during our lesson on the Life Education bus

Year five: Bessie for reading daily every week with great expression

Year six: Hattie, Ella and Ruby for producing a powerpoint for Worship based on our Christian values


Friday 19th October 2018

Nursery: Carter for playing well outside and being kind to his friends

Reception: Maddison for learning the letter sounds so well

Year one: Joshua for super 'taking away'

Year two: Kendall for subtracting two 3-digit numbers

Year three: Lucas for showing resilience in P.E. and dedication to developing his skills

Year four: Michael for excellent aim and overarm throwing in P.E.

Year five: Logan for an excellent effort in all areas of the curriculum

Year six: Noah for fantastic research in art history and about pioneering scientists


Friday 12th October 2018

Nursery: Jacob for trying so hard to join in all the activities and listen carefully

Reception: Louis for trying really hard all week and sitting so well at listening time

Year one: Samuel for showing a sensible and mature attitude in all his lessons

Year two: Blake for trying hard adding and taking away two 2-digit numbers

Year three: Tom for working hard at times tables club and passing his 'Batman' test

Year four: Finley for being organised all week and bringing everything he needs to school

Year five: Sophie for some imaginative writing in English

Year six: Maya for always being happy to help others when they need it


Friday 5th October 2018

Nursery: Anna for playing so well with her new friends

Reception: Ollie for looking after Abe and helping him to settle into Nursery

Year one: Tyler for being enthusiastic when learning his number bonds to 10 with the 'Baby Shark' tune

Year two: Noah for brilliant writing, reading AND Maths work as well as a fantastic portrait of Katie Morag

Year three: Ellis for always being ready for every lesson and showing excellent eye contact and listening skills

Year four: Liam for a fantastic attitude towards his Maths work and making brilliant progress

Year five: Eva for super organisation and diligent working

Year six: Arwen for trying so hard in Maths even when she finds it 'tricky'


Friday 28th September 2018

Nursery: Poppy for always coming into school with a beaming smile

Reception: Sam for super effort in phonics

Year one: Joshua for working independently when measuring with a ruler

Year two: Mikey for showing perseverance in reading the prayer at Church

Year three: Poppy for being enthusiastic about her writing tasks this week and showing her best presentation

Year four: Logan for putting 100% effort into all of his Literacy work and making super progress

Year five: Joshua for trying really hard with his spellings achieving full marks

Year six: Deacon for a very mature approach to his work and organisation


Friday 21st September 2018

Nursery: Grace for settling back into Nursery really well and helping her cousin make friends too

Reception: Matthew for trying really hard all week and setting a good example to the other children

Year one: Jack for excellent 'sounding out' and 'blending' in phonics. Also for reading his school book every night.

Year two: Noah for amazing art work in the style of Vincent van Gogh - A painting of 'A Starry Night'

Year three: Alexandra for settling in so well at Dalton School and for being a pleasure to have in class